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Welcome to Scheftel Construction!

Scheftel Construction is a small but full-service construction company located in south Minneapolis. We provide reliable service and skilled craftsmanship, whether it's for a small handyman project or for a new addition to your home.

If you want to build a new addition, deck or garage, replace a vintage porch, remodel a bathroom or a kitchen, customize a design with unique woodwork, or need help with any of those many other things that need to be done in an older house, we can help you.

Our wood shop can create custom woodworking and millwork to meet your custom specifications or match your existing trim and woodwork.

Our sawmill can provide custom-cut local wood for trim, custom built-ins, wooden counters, furniture and other special projects. We are listed in the Primary Forest Products Producer Directory on the Minnesota DNR website.

This is wood from the urban forest — lumber milled from trees in the metro area that are dead or have been downed by storms, or trees that have been cut by tree services, wood that might otherwise go to waste or be chipped or sold for firewood. It includes a surprising variety of wood: standbys like red oak, white oak and ash, as well as more unusual woods: black walnut, red elm, cherry, honey locust, spalted maple, clear spruce and more.

Click on the images to the left to see pictures of some of our work, the sawmill, and the woodshop, and call us at 612-724-9731 for a free estimate!

Employment opportunities: We are currently looking for a skilled finish carpenter. Call Steve at 612-724-9731.