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A cabin addition doubles the size of a cabin on Lake Minnetonka's Big Island.

This was an interesting project that began with milling the trees cut on the addition site. Wood from these trees was then used in various parts of the addition: flooring, custom built-ins, a door and the countertop for a kitchen island.

It was also an unusual project because the cabin is on an island, and all the materials had to be hauled by barge to the island, or brought across on the ice in the winter.

We also added a new porch to the original part of the cabin, giving a new look to the entire cabin

We will be posting more pictures soon.


A three-season porch with a rubber membrane roof and an upper deck. Note the decorative rafter-tails.

blue addition 1

blue addition 2


Below, we added a breakfast room onto an existing kitchen.

kitchen addition 1

kitchen addition 2

kitchen addition 3